‘John Brown’ Is Coming

Joy Reid, in May, aired a clip of an “angry white parent” in Missouri who’d had enough of the distorted critical race theory (CRT) being crammed down her kid’s throat by a smug mob of woke educators. 

“Just because I do not want critical race theory taught to my children in school does not mean I’m a racist, damn it!” she blurted through tears.  

She, and others in places like Loudoun County, Virginia, speak for millions whose kids are taught CRT without their input, against their wills, with threats to keep silent.  When parents do speak up, they’re scarlet-lettered as “racists” by cultural Pharisees like Joy Reid.  

Grinning like Howdy Doody, Reid pecked and poked at this Missouri parent from her perch at MSNBC, reducing her to just another “Karen” clawing at the world from inside a cage of “whiteness.” 

“Actually, it does [mean she’s a racist],” the giddy Reid barfed.  

She was not listening.  None of them are.  Her swipe at this mother, trembling with angst over her child being force-fed a mangled version of history, is the kind of mockery that millions are getting these days when they beg to differ with the tyrannical monks of woke orthodoxy.

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