Joe Biden’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week and Democrats’ next move

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In broad strokes, the Biden presidency has been the most disastrous we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Let’s count the ways:

Inflation continues to rise, as do gas prices. The border is a humanitarian and national security nightmare, exhausting city budgets and making our already unsafe cities even more unsafe. Fentanyl continues to kill thousands of Americans each month. Education test scores are at record lows. And the world feels like it’s on fire with the U.S. fighting two proxy wars while costing the country hundreds of billions, all while China continues its aggressive posture toward Taiwan. 

The face of this failure, of course, is the president himself. Perhaps someone like his old boss, Barack Obama, could spin his way out of all of the aforementioned messes with coherence and charisma that made him a two-term president. But whatever version of Joe Biden the country and the world are witnessing now, can’t even give one speech or one press conference without reminding voters that he isn’t aging like a fine wine. Instead, as this brutal headline in The Atlantic notes — Biden’s Age Is Now Unavoidable: Joe Biden looks like he is turning into a statue of Joe Biden. 


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