Joe Biden’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month

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It has been a very, very bad August for President Biden, despite his best attempts to hide on multiple vacations.  

Congressman Dean Phillips of Minnesota encouraged others in the Democrat party to jump into the race to be the Democrat nominee for president. He stated, “Democrats are telling me that they want, not a coronation, but they want a competition.”

A recent CNN poll found that 75 percent of Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters want the party to nominate someone other than Biden in the 2024 election — a poll taken before the devastating closed-door testimony of Devon Archer. 

At a ceremony in Arizona, the president called the Grand Canyon one of the “nine wonders of the world,” stating, “Folks, it’s not hyperbole to suggest that there is no national treasure — none that is grander than the Grand Canyon — one of the Earth’s nine wonders.”

Later in the day, the president told a reporter from The Weather Channel that he had declared a national emergency on the climate. He told reporter Stephanie Abrams, “I’ve already done that,” when asked if he should declare an emergency.  


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