Joe Biden's Policies Target and Harm Women


Posted: Oct 14, 2021 12:01 AM

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Joe Biden and his administration are targeting women – targeting women in the workforce, targeting women standing up for their children, and targeting women by our very biological definition.

As the first female Chair of the Ohio Republican Party, and currently, as a candidate running to be the first female Senator from Ohio, I have watched with dismay as Joe Biden’s destructive policies have reversed the incredible progress women made under President Trump and conservative policies.

More importantly, as a mom, I am deeply concerned for the world we are leaving our daughters, sisters, friends and neighbors under Democrat policies, and it’s a huge reason why I’m in this fight to take our country back.  

While President Trump’s economy lifted up women with historic employment levels, Joe Biden’s economy is leaving women behind. In last month’s job report, women lost 26,000 jobs. The Biden White House can spin the reasons for these abysmal numbers, but common sense demonstrates that

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