Joe Biden Is Not A Good Person

None of us know Joe Biden, but we know enough about him to see, plain as day, that his “aw shucks, I’m just your average middle-class guy” routine is one of the greatest frauds ever attempted in American political history. In reality, he’s a wildly insecure man who covers it with arrogance. In adulthood, he’s never held a private-sector job for more than a few months but somehow managed to amass a fortune and houses larger than some warehouses. He’s not the affable lug he plays on TV; he’s a man with a short temper and a history of lying. He, Joe Biden, is not a good man.

The coverage of Joe Biden throughout his campaign has been liberally peppered with declarations of just how “normal” and “nice” he is, and he is to a media Biden needs and a media that is desperate to get Biden elected. Like the life of any elected official, he’s spent every day in office surrounded by people who never tell him “no.” Why would they? How would they? Their livelihood depends on him. Who tells anyone in that position they’re wrong or they can’t do something?

Biden has been an elected official since 1969,

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