Joe Biden Doesn’t Give a Damn About Baby Formula Or Anything Else

When it comes to the baby formula shortage, Joe Biden either doesn’t know or does not care. If it were Ensure, the President would be paying attention because that impacts something he cares about. But it’s for babies, the complete other end of life, and Joe Biden has always been about one thing and one thing only: himself. That you or someone you know is having difficulty feeding their baby is of no consequence for him. To the extent that he cares about it, or anything for that matter, it has to do with how it impacts him. 

Biden hasn’t held a job in the private sector since his alleged run-in with “Corn Pop.” That’s a very, very long time ago. He was elected to the United States Senate at 29, and believed he should be president long before that. To hold that belief requires an incredible amount of narcissism, to hold it for more than 50 years is dangerous. 

The worldview of your average politician is polluted, to say the least. It’s not just politicians, it’s anyone in a position people envy, admire, or hold sway over others. How often do you think your average movie star or professional

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