Joe Biden doesn’t care if his policies hurt the Average Joe

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At President Joe Biden’s recent celebrity-studded fundraiser in New York, former President Barack Obama spoke glowingly about Lunch Pail Joe’s deep empathy for the Little Guy. Obama rhetorically asked the room, “At the end of the day, who do you think is actually going to look out for you? Who do you think is going to fight on your behalf? … This guy does. Yeah.” 

Obama’s right. Biden does care about the people in that hall – the billionaires and liberal elites, Hollywood stars and private equity mega-donors; those are the folks who paid as much as $500,000 to attend the glitzy event at Radio City.  

That’s who Biden caters to: the climate zealots  feeding on the ginormous trillion-dollar Inflation Reduction Act, the industrialists eager to siphon off their “fair share” of the billions being thrown at chipmakers – the most profitable companies on earth – to encourage investment in the U.S., the tech wizards who are playing nice in hopes they won’t be the next target of the FTC’s Lina Khan, the union bosses reveling in the revival of Big Labor even as workers quietly abandon ship.  


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