Joe Biden could destroy our auto industry

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Joe Biden’s climate push is undermining our auto industry and inviting even more reliance on China, and not just for batteries or raw materials. That’s bad for our economy, bad for workers and bad for Democrats.

The United Auto Workers threaten to strike – possibly all Big Three car companies — if an agreement is not reached by midnight this Thursday. Shawn Fain, UAW president, has made almost impossible demands, including a pay hike of 46% over four years, a new 32-hour workweek, and generous cost-of-living adjustments and pensions. Though he has moderated his stance a bit just recently, a strike looks likely.

The battle between the auto companies and the UAW is a lose-lose for Biden. A strike would be an embarrassment for the president, an avowed ally of Big Labor, who just recently told reporters he did not think a strike was going to happen. It would damage Michigan’s economy, hurting Democrat prospects in a swing state that went for Donald Trump in 2016 but voted for Joe Biden in 2020. At the same time, a hefty settlement that avoids a work stoppage could raise concerns about higher wages and inflation just

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