Joe Biden and the Democrats Are About to Get Even More Chaotic

After months of intraparty battles, America’s midterm primaries are over and battleground states are heating up in the final weeks before Americans head to the polls and determine which party controls Congress starting in 2023. 

Our team at Townhall has already been busy covering consequential races in Arizona, New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Alaska, Nevada, Ohio, and even Oregon, with more coverage to come of the races and polls that will define and shape the days remaining before the general election.

Will Democrats maintain their Senate advantage and continue to be a rubber stamp for Joe Biden’s radical tax-and-spend America Last agenda? Or will Republicans win majorities in order to stop Biden’s energy “transition,” pump the brakes on disastrous spending, and start cracking down on the Democrats’ lawless ambitions? 

What will Democrats say about the effect of new election security laws in Texas and Georgia, and will Stacey Abrams refuse to concede her race to Brian Kemp again this time? Up in Alaska, how will the first full general election under the state’s new ranked-choice voting system play out — and when will voters and the country know the outcome?

Whatever happens in November, Townhall will have all the results,

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