Jim Ross Stepping Away From AEW To ‘Heal’ After Bruising Fall

See you soon, J.R.

If you’re a fan of professional wrestling like I am, then you’re very well aware of how much a legend Jim Ross is, delivering some of the most classic calls in each WWE, WCW and now AEW in three decades of work. Unfortunately, the icon is stepping away for a bit so he can “heal” after suffering a nasty fall that left him a rough-looking black eye.

All Elite Wrestling‘s new “Collision” show debuted Saturday night, and when Jim Ross joined the commentary team, you could quickly tell that he wasn’t 100% himself while speaking.

Prior to flying to Chicago to provide his voice for AEW’s new television program, which saw the comeback of CM Punk, Ross tweeted that he fell and suffered one heck of a black eye. But despite that, he was going to Chi-Town for the Tony Khan-led organization’s big night.

Bad fall this morning.

Still headed to Chicago for Collision!

Historic night for ⁦@AEW⁩ on ⁦@tntdramapic.twitter.com/6lrr3ykCug

— Jim Ross (@JRsBBQ) June 17, 2023

However, when it was time for Jim Ross to get to work, he didn’t sound like the normal J.R. that we all know, sounding hoarse and was slow

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