Jews and Blacks: Their Landlord and Their Friend

I’m hoping liberals’ instinct for taking the side of barbarism against civilization has taken a hit after seeing so many stories of the BLM movement bellowing their love for Palestinian terrorists paragliding into Israel to butcher, rape and kidnap thousands of Israeli civilians, including infants and elderly dementia patients. It’s hard not to notice that the most unrestrained celebrations of the Hamas killers are coming from BLM members, the “colonized,” diversity beneficiaries, the “Indigenous,” non-Western immigrants and other affirmative action cases.


You unleashed ’em, liberals!

After George Floyd died and was deified on May 25, 2020, the left’s coddling of black people (and the black-adjacent) went into overdrive. For three years, this Brahmin caste has been able to get away with anything.

They’ve gleefully dynamited historic statues, destroyed industries with their racist “equity, not equality” demands, bullied their way onto corporate boards and into every TV commercial, and openly discriminated against white men to elevate the incompetent.

They’ve shamelessly grafted multiple millions of dollars from post-Floyd “causes” like Black Lives Matter and Ibram X. Kendi’s Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University.

They’ve succeeded in getting the media and universities to ban words like “picnic,” “chief,” “American,” “master bedroom” and “English

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