Jennie Webster, St. Peter's Health

Megan Michelotti

Jennie Webster embodies what it truly means to be a community paramedic.

Webster left working with the ambulance crew to pilot the community paramedicine program at St. Peter’s Health two and a half years ago. She was one of the three people who started with the program.

“Two and a half years ago, the state had asked St. Pete’s if we would pilot a community paramedicine program,” said Webster. “They got grants for implementing community paramedic programs across the state to help with the sting of Covid to help keep people in their homes when they shouldn’t come out, immunocompromised people, people who had Covid and elderly people who would be compromised by getting the virus.”

The main difference between a paramedic and a community paramedic is community paramedics have expanded duties to do preventive work in communities instead of mainly responsive work like a paramedic.

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