Jason Rantz: Seattle spends heavily to house homeless in pricey hotels and fancy penthouse view studios

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Seattle leaders are squandering hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, including COVID relief funds, on pricey homeless hotels and studios that include wraparound services. Finally, they promise, this will supposedly address homelessness. 

It’s already failing — badly. And politicians are ignoring the results.

Shelter, housing, and services already exist in Seattle, yet the city’s homelessness just keeps getting worse. 

City leaders rarely see their lax policies or ideological agenda as the problem. They keep throwing money at housing and refuse to take a harder line approach to the homeless people who need it. And when the subsequent (and inevitable) failure hits, they just rinse, wash and repeat. It’s happening again.


Fox News’ Dan Springer reports Seattle city leaders spent $50 million for three expensive apartment buildings with a penthouse view in the trendy Capitol Hill neighborhood. With only 165 units, each studio costs over $300,000. That’s far higher than what typical studio apartments in the Emerald City would cost to develop. Concurrently, the city is leasing hotels to house the homeless as a way to get them off the streets immediately.

Whereas Seattle leases, officials in King County, Wash. — where

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