Jason Rantz: Don't just blame COVID for surge in overdose deaths, Dems' bad policies are responsible, too

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More Americans died from fatal overdoses in 2020 than in any other year since we started tracking the data. It was both historic and tragic. But the coverage misses the big picture. While media outlets center the story around the COVID pandemic, it completely ignores the underlying cause of the surge: Democrat’s drug-permissive policies.

The New York Times framed the 2020 spike around COVID, making an already serious issue worse. The AP spoke with experts noting it was harder to get in-person treatment because of COVID restriction. The Washington Post implied COVID-related stress pushed people towards drugs. 

There is little doubt COVID exacerbated the crisis but lost in the coverage were the actual policies that allowed addiction to skyrocket.

From Portland and Seattle to Chicago and Boston, Democrat-run cities have refused to prosecute most drug crimes. Instead, these cities have said they’d give addicts treatment while targeting drug dealers for arrest and prosecution. 


But many criminal addicts seldom follow through with treatment orders because there are no meaningful consequences when ignoring the courts. Criminals knew that no matter how often they re-offended, they knew they wouldn’t see

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