Jason Isbell breaks up a fight and breaks out the songs at Montana concerts

The best moment at every Jason Isbell concert comes right at the end. 

Isbell almost always closes with “Cover Me Up.” It’s his biggest song, but it’s such a particularly great closer because it feels so primal and enormous, like you can’t believe someone just breathed into existence. It sounds like it was always there. 

“Cover Me Up” was the last song he performed before the encore at two Montana concerts over this weekend: one at The ELM in Bozeman on Friday night and the other at the Alberta Bair Theater in Billings on Saturday. At both shows, just like every show, when he got to the line “I sobered up, I swore off that stuff, forever this time,” people went crazy. 

It’s not just the culmination of a great show. That moment in “Cover Me Up” is so special because it’s to celebrate the fact that Isbell is here. Not just at a theater in Montana, but here at all in 2023. For a while, it looked like he’d never make it.

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