Jason Chaffetz: Hunter Biden keeps cashing in on his family name – there's only one way to paint this scheme

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Seeking to quell criticism over the Biden family‘s latest effort to monetize the family name, the White House last week defended the president’s son, Hunter Biden and his upcoming art show. To keep influence-seekers from gaining credit with the Biden family, the White House says the names of buyers who purchase paintings created by the president’s son will be kept anonymous.

Though that might theoretically keep Biden in the dark about which foreign government may be willing to pony up for Hunter Biden’s art, ultimately it is a convenient, non-transparent relationship with the White House and the president. It still allows Hunter Biden to continue the family business — cashing in on their association with Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden’s own art representative was quoted acknowledging that the Biden name, rather than the quality of the art, is integral to the value of the pieces.  “People buy art not just for the exchange value,” Georges Berges told Women’s Wear Daily. “There is an intrinsic value. It gives you a sense of status. People buy a Picasso or a Warhol for a variety of reasons. They want to hang it in their homes to show their friends they

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