January 6 Committee to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt for Evading Subpoena

Steve Bannon delivers a speech during a meeting to discuss the Marrakesh Treaty in Brussels, Belgium, December 8, 2018. (Eric Vidal/Reuters)

The select committee probing the mob riot that descended on Capitol Hill on January 6 said Thursday that it will hold former Trump advisor Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for evading a subpoena.

“Mr. Bannon has declined to cooperate with the Select Committee and is instead hiding behind the former President’s insufficient, blanket, and vague statements regarding privileges he has purported to invoke,” committee chairman Democratic Representative Bennie Thompson said in a statement Thursday.

Bannon was supposed to appear for a deposition before the committee on Thursday, but did not attend after his attorney informed the panel in a letter that he would not testify or present records until the executive privilege situation with Trump was determined or until the court ruled on the case.

Bannon’s lawyer cited a case that decided that “The President” can grant executive privilege to certain individuals therefore making them immune from demands for forfeiture of information. However, other legal experts have argued that the privilege expires when the president who offered it leaves office, which Trump did after

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