Janice Dean: Could Gov. Cuomo's COVID 'leadership' book finally bring his downfall? Why I have hope

Last month we found out how much New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo received for his disgusting and possibly criminal book “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

When families who lost loved ones to COVID in nursing homes found out he was writing a book about his “leadership” during the pandemic, we thought it was a joke.

But the joke was on us, and for his book of what I would call true crimes not leadership, he was given an advance from Crown Publishers of $5.1 million.

My husband lost both his mother and father to coronavirus in separate elder-care facilities in New York City last spring. So while Cuomo was trying to sell his lies on a page to the highest bidder, a COVID-19 fire was spreading through nursing homes where our most vulnerable lived.


The timeline of when the governor began covering up the deaths of the over 15,000 seniors we lost to COVID-19 in eldercare facilities appears to line up with the governor’s profitable pitch to publishers.

It also looks like Cuomo used state resources and employees to help him write the book. 

Wouldn’t it be something if the words that Gov. Cuomo

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