Janet Tatz column: Judaism, LGBTQI rights and abortion


If you follow the news as closely as I do, you will be keenly aware that the wall that separates Church and State is slowly and methodically being chipped away.

Whether we are talking about abortion rights, LGBTQI rights, concern for the refugee or even issues that effect the Earth and our environment ( climate change), far too often we see that a vocal, fear-driven minority is striving to make the laws of the land fit their personal religious beliefs.

Today I would like to share just a sampling of Jewish texts and thoughts on issues that are front and center in today’s news.

Since we are still in the midst of celebrating PRIDE week here in Helena, I would like to offer a “Blessing from an Ally” found at RitualWell, an online Jewish resource filled with thoughtful, empowering prayers and teachings:

Blessed are you, Adonai our G-d, who made us in your image (b’tselem Elohim). Who knows no race nor gender nor sexual identity or orientation. Blessed is the word PRIDE which is the consciousness of one’s own dignity. To see oneself as completely whole in living as they were created to be.

People are also

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