Janet Tatz column: Experiencing joy in uncertain times


Jewish people around the world have just ended the annual fall cycle of holidays and festivals which concluded with Simchat Torah: a joyous celebration marking the completion of the reading of the Torah (Five Books of Moses) and the immediate recommencing of the entire cycle all over again.

For the past two months, Jews have focused their attention on their relationships with others, with G-d and within themselves. Starting with the Jewish month of Elul (beginning toward the end of August this year) and concluding near the end of Tishrei (starting next week) many Jewish people devote some time each day to contemplate their existence. Have we been true to ourselves, have we been a good neighbor, friend and family member, have we lived up to the goals and challenges we set for ourselves at this time last year and, most importantly — can we commit to doing a better job in the year ahead (5783 on the Jewish calendar)?

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We strive to return to our essence, an awareness of our unique place in the world and our true selves.

Sukkot, the Feast of Booths, was

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