Jake Xerxes Fussell: Don't forget to show up for the opener

Cory Walsh

An opening act, in another place in time, is someone I’d pay full price to see on their own.

Yet that’s not always the way audiences receive them.

In 2018, Dan Bejar, a songwriter who records under the name Destroyer, opened for Neko Case at the Wilma. Accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, as many opening acts perform solo out of necessity, he dug into various parts of a deep catalog that includes verbose solo works and songs with Case in the power-pop supergroup the New Pornographers.

KEXP.ORG presents Jake Xerxes Fussell performing “Have You Ever Seen Peaches Growing on a Sweet Potato Vine?” live in the KEXP studio. Recorded October 4, 2019.

Host: Greg Vandy

Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs

Cameras: Jim Beckmann & Scott Holpainen

Editor: Scott Holpainen



He even played a new song or two, although it was difficult to tell who was listening closely, as the crowd was still filtering onto the main floor and chatting. Between songs, Bejar, who the Washington Post once included in a piece called “The Songwriters at the end of the world,” said in a quiet and non-complementary

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