JACOB OLIDORT: Here’s What The Left Gets Wrong About Benjamin Netanyahu’s Vision For Israel

Israel has been the target of a new wave of attacks in recent months, much of it certainly relating to the Left’s disappointment in the return of Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-leaning coalition.

Netanyahu’s first major policy efforts to reform Israel’s judiciary — changes that would make it more similar to the Supreme Court of the United States such as separation of the judiciary and legislative branches — instantly became a lightning rod for his American critics, who rushed to label it an example of Netanyahu’s “authoritarianism.” (RELATED: SHOSHANA BRYEN: Here’s What Really Lies Behind The Biden Admin’s Icy Israel Relationship)

It is one thing for the Biden administration to throw foreign governments that do not share its politics. It is a different matter when leftist grievances enter America’s intellectual mainstream.

An example is the recent issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, which features an article with the unambiguous title, “Israel’s One-State Reality: It’s Time to Give Up on the Two-State Solution.” Two of its authors are friends from whom I have learned a great deal over the years in addressing our shared academic focus of political Islam.

The piece advocates for doing away with the expressions “two-state solution” and “peace process.”

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