Jack Carr Rips Politicians Trying To Restrict The Second Amendment, Reminds People It’s A ‘Natural Right’ To ‘Defend The Gift Life’

Jack Carr isn’t a fan of people trying to restrict the Second Amendment.

I sat down with the legendary author and former SEAL to discuss a variety of topics, and I asked him what his thoughts were on politicians applauding arming people in other countries while at the same time supporting gun control in the USA. His answer didn’t disappoint!

“You can’t make this stuff up. It’s insane to me that the hypocrisy, I’m sure there’s hypocrisy all through politics, but particularly on this issue on the left wanting to restrict your rights to own a firearm, to defend the gift of life, something that is explicitly written down as the Second Amendment, and it’s a natural right. You know, it’s not given to us by the government. It’s just written down so that the government can’t restrict it. That’s a natural right,” Carr explained when talking about the Second Amendment and hypocritical politicians.

You can listen to his full comments below.

Obviously, I agree with every single word Carr said. It’s insane that we have politicians looking to restrict the Second Amendment while arming other countries. If you’re all for arming foreigners,

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