J.D. VANCE: Media’s Portrayal Of Kyle Rittenhouse Proves Libel Laws Need Reform

With Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal, one of the most embarrassing chapters in the history of American criminal justice has come to a close.

The case should have never been brought by the prosecutor in the first place, yet there’s an American institution that performed even more shamefully than the criminal justice system — the corporate media. From the president of the United States to our leading media figures, Kyle Rittenhouse has been lied about, attacked and slandered for more than a year. And the spectacle reveals a “free press” in the United States that believes itself free to lie about, cheat and harass a child. We should take lessons from this, and learn from them.

What’s so unusual about Rittenhouse’s case is that the video evidence was clear immediately. We saw looters burning the streets of Kenosha. We saw Rittenhouse walking the streets of Kenosha. We heard the verbal threats against him and saw him run away. We saw grown men threaten to pummel him as he lay on the ground. We saw one of them raise a pistol in his direction. And we saw him fire in self defense.

Despite these images, our media lied from the start and did so willfully.

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