IWFF: A cold-weather odyssey and lockdown's effect on nature

Cory Walsh

The International Wildlife Film Festival continues this week in Missoula. Here are a few highlights of films about pursuing the outdoors, and lessening human’s impact on nature.

‘A White Dream’

Director: Mathieu Le Lay

Run time: 52 min.

Saturday, April 23, at 7 p.m.; Tuesday, April 26, at 4:30 p.m. at the Roxy

Pitched somewhere between a quixotic Werner Herzog film and a Terrence Malick montage of Canadian wintertime, “A White Dream” covers remote and rewarding ground.

Director Mathieu Le Lay deserves much credit for undertaking the film, which requires following his protagonist on an arduous and deeply uncomfortable but gorgeous journey.

The subject, Jérémie Villet, is a French wildlife photographer with a very specific cold-weather aesthetic. He carefully frames and shoots birds, sheep and other fauna in the depth of winter, when their stark shapes can be seen against the all-white backdrop of snow.

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“I’m looking for the perfect immaculate moment where everything becomes white,” he says.

He’s a quiet but compelling character and the sole narrator, describing the meaning he finds in that particular environment.

“With snow, I manage to reflect the beauty that we all feel with our five

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