I’ve been to the border and here is my message to President Biden

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After almost two years in office, President Joe Biden has said he is finally going to visit our southern border. This checks a box, but it doesn’t even begin to solve the problems we are facing there.

Visiting El Paso, Texas is one thing, but it’s another to actually see the thousands of people gathered on the other side of the southern border waiting to cross into the country illegally. It’s unclear if the president even has plans to witness this. 

But, before we can even address that, it can’t be ignored how remarkable it is to think about how long it has taken the president to even visit the southern border.

The president neglecting to visit the southern border—during a time when we are facing record illegal crossings and there is a clear crisis—would be the equivalent of our commander-in-chief not visiting the Pentagon during a military operation, not going to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) during the COVID-19 pandemic, or not assessing the damage after a natural disaster, just to name a few.

That is the scope of this problem, which this president has so far ignored. It’s hard to imagine this crisis

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