It's time to end economic handouts for woke corporations

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Big business is no friend to conservatives—that’s been clear for years. And it’s increasingly no friend to America. 

In the postwar era just a few decades ago, many corporate leaders could honestly say that they loved this country. Now that seems a stretch. 

Today’s multinationals have embraced a toxic blend of offshoring and woke politics, selling out American workers even as they attack American values. But conservatives don’t have to take this behavior any longer. 


You could see the mask slip back in 2015, when big companies started bullying states into backing down from efforts to protect Americans’ religious liberties. 

Seven years later—under pressure from activist employees and investors—big business’s priorities now apparently extend to voter ID laws, abortion, and sex education classes for younger and younger children, to name just a few examples.

That wasn’t always the case. In days gone by, the companies themselves mostly stayed out of social debates. After all, as Michael Jordan famously quipped, “Republicans buy sneakers too.” 

But today, the highest levels of American industry have become virtually unrecognizable. 

Chairman, Disney Studios Content Alan Bergman, left, and CEO of Disney

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