It’s Not About Fentanyl

The good news is, Republicans are finally willing to criticize immigration! The bad news is, it’s only to say they are against Americans dying from fentanyl. So proud of you, GOP!


For example, at the debate last week, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott and Chris Christie all hit the “condemn fentanyl” recordings as soon as they heard the word “immigration.”

Christie was typical. Asked if he still supported amnesty, he said, “What I’ll do on day one is sign an executive order to send the National Guard to partner with Customs and Border Patrol to make sure that we stop the flow of fentanyl over the border.”

Well, that takes care of fentanyl, but what about the people flowing over the border? The principal problem with hauling tens of millions of third worlders into our country is that we’re hauling tens of millions of third worlders into our country. By now, we’re about two years away from becoming another failed Latin American state, if you’ll forgive the redundancy.

Last Wednesday’s presidential debate illustrated what exactly that will mean, through the splendid work of Univision moderator Ilia Calderon (who apparently, because of some technical glitch, was not subtitled).

FIRST, as soon as they

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