It's All About the Midterms


Posted: Sep 16, 2022 12:01 AM

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What’s gotten better in America since Joe Biden took office? It’s hard to come up with a list. The economy is in tatters. Inflation is booming. Food and energy prices are out of control. The poorest Americans are hurting more than they have in years. With an increasingly belligerent China and Russia joining forces, America’s national security looks more precarious than it has in decades. In the face of this record, the Biden team has gone low. With no record to run on, Biden’s advisers knew they had to flip the narrative. The new strategy is clear: Gin up your own base, and vilify your opponents.

Why would Biden take that course now? What’s changed since his inaugural address focus on national healing and unity? Only two things: No. 1: He has no record of accomplishments to run on; and No. 2: The midterm elections were looking like a disaster. The problem with sewing division to win the elections, or at least

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