It Only Took One Year for Biden to Destroy America

The Joe Biden who swore his oath of office on the west front of the United States Capitol one year ago on January 20, 2021, is not the Joe Biden Americans see shuffling around the White House today. Last year, Biden presented his policies as a can’t-fail way to “build back better,” “shut down the virus,” and lead the American economy out of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. 

Flanked by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Biden’s party controlled two-thirds of American government, and it seemed, on paper at least, that Biden would be able to do what he wanted. For those who had voted for Biden, things seemed primed to launch. For those who opposed Biden, it looked like a looming disaster. Neither group knew how bad things would get and how quickly the situation would deteriorate.

Despite actions right out of the gate that killed America’s energy independence and ushered more woke nonsense into the federal government, President Biden has proven to be more woebegone as a leader than any Democrat could have feared and more chaotic than any conservative could have hoped for as a foil to Republican leaders and policies.

As the Biden administration turns one, the president is

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