It Has To Stop. Let Police Officers Seek Help Before It's Too Late.


Posted: Nov 20, 2021 12:01 AM

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The images of despair and death they witnessed that day do not fade when the shift ends.  The sounds of sobs reverberating in their ears as they told a devasted mother their child passed do not go away when their shift ends. The day’s stress doesn’t end after their shift ends.   It never ends, and the stigma of seeking help pushes them to bottle their emotions. They bottle their feelings up until there is seemingly no way out or help to save them from taking a final drastic step. But there is help.   From peers to professional support, there is help. 

Why don’t police officers come forward when they are on the edge and the stress is overwhelming?  I reached out to Aaron Lohman, a sergeant with the NYPD’s Health and Wellness Section, to discuss why officers are not coming forward when they are in crisis.  Aaron said, “There are many reasons for this, but number one is most certainly

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