Israel’s Difficult Choices

When Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower was struggling over when to order the D-Day invasion of Europe in 1944, he wrestled with uncooperative weather, but also worried that any more delays beyond the one- day delay he had already ordered could possibly lower morale and reduce troop readiness.


For Israel, more delays in invading Gaza and destroying Hamas’ ability to commit new acts of terror against the Jewish state is only one of several considerations faced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his military leaders.

Israel is at a moral disadvantage because it cares about preserving human life, while its enemies celebrate death in the pursuit of eliminating the Jewish state and ultimately the best-case scenario for them, which is martyrdom.

Here are just some of the difficult choices Israel must make, none of them good.

– Invade now and risk the deaths of more than an estimated 200 hostages, along with considerable Israeli troop casualties.

– Invade now and risk opening a new front on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, potentially facing a barrage of missiles from that terrorist group’s large stockpile.

– Invade at a future date, possibly losing troop readiness and lowered morale, but also losing support from nations

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