Israel defeating Hamas aids Arab states, even if they are afraid to admit it

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Let’s be clear: defeating and dismantling Hamas is not only the right course for our friend and ally, Israel, but good for the United States, the whole Middle East and the world.  

On October 7, terrorists breached Israeli territory and murdered the largest number of Jews at any one time since the Holocaust. The right, moral and decent response from the world should have been universal support for Israel – as it likely would have been if such an attack had happened anywhere else in the world. The Jewish nation state’s justified response has instead been condemned by world leaders, progressives in the media and government and protesters around the world, led along by false images produced by the terrorists themselves. 

Now these same groups are calling for a ceasefire on humanitarian grounds, coupled with thinly veiled antisemitism that blames the Jewish victims for the initial attacks rather than the terrorists who committed them. This is the exact opposite of what needs to happen. Israel needs to root out and destroy Hamas. Israel, the Palestinians, the larger Middle East and the world will be better off for it.  


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