ISAAC: Biden’s Head Is In The Clouds On Energy Policy And The American People Are Paying For It

It’s no secret that President Joe Biden has a bone to pick with the fossil fuel industry. Unfortunately, many Americans — including those who supported Biden’s candidacy — are now learning the hard way just how much their lives depend on the oil and gas they love to hate.

Gas prices are still averaging well over $4, and the recent news that America’s emergency oil reserves ended up in China, rather than on our shores where it’s most needed, is causing voters to question whether they made the right decision. (RELATED: SHEFFIELD: Fed Scrambles To Get A Grip On Inflation While Manchin Hands Schumer A Green Spending Spree)

But it should be no surprise that Biden’s anti-energy policies are bad not just for the industry, but for the entire nation.

Since his inauguration, Biden has scarcely gone a month without announcing new restrictions on oil and gas producers. From draconian environmental rules to financial regulations forcing companies to “greenwash” at their shareholders’ and customers’ expense, killing fossil fuels is clearly one of his top priorities.

But we all need energy — and increasing the cost of that energy means we pay more not just for electricity and gas, but for everything we buy.

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