Is This The Greatest Obituary Of All Time? Probably

If you’ve had a day like me (half of it spent at the DMV), then you need a pick-me-up. And boy, do I have one for you. Though, it doesn’t start quite how you’d think.

We begin our tale with the premature death of James Loveless of Kentucky. Loveless was born in 1963, and up and died on June 14 to “avoid another Presidential stolen-election mishap,” according to his obituary, which has gone viral online.

Loveless, who resided in a trailer park, was father to twin boys, Rocky and Rodney. Rocky was Loveless’ second favorite son, with Rodney taking the crowning role of favorite. It’s unclear why their father preferred Rodney, but my best guess is because Rocky decided to leave Kentucky and live all the way in Arizona. And the only thing you can depend on Arizona for is more stolen elections, right? Maybe? Probably not, but that’s what mattered to Loveless, so it matters here. (RELATED: Wait, Who TF Does This Guy Think He Is?)

Finally, an honest obit.

— Michael Berry (@MichaelBerrySho) June 16, 2023

Loveless seemed like the local Julian or Ricky of his trailer park (Trailer Park Boys fans will understand this reference, and you’re

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