Is Senator John Cornyn on Drugs?

We need to know if Senator John Cornyn (R-WaPo) is high. Has he been doing bong hits, blasting rails, chasing the dragon, and/or dropping acid? Is he hopped up on goofballs?

I hope so, because that is the least-worst explanation for the clusterfark he just presided over this week in DC. After all, you can get off drugs, but the alternate explanations are permanent.

Here we stand on the verge of a huge red tsunami in November, and even once-thought impossible seats in places like Colorado and Washington state may be within reach because of the incredible incompetence of Grandpa Badfinger.  Everything is set for a massive repudiation of the left by an activated and angry GOP base – supplemented with independents who have had enough of this progressive bullSchiff – and John Cornyn and decides that what the Republican voters want is…

{drum roll}

Gun control!


The Democrats are hemorrhaging and J-Corn decides to stop the bleeding? It’s like Bruce Willis reaching down and grabbing Hans Gruber’s hand so he doesn’t fall off of Nakatomi Plaza.

Dude, let them go splat!

Oh, and if that’s not enough, then there are reports that Cornyn, peacocking across the Senate floor as he enjoys his first and

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