Is President Biden Politicizing COVID?

Two leading House Republicans, Reps. Steve Scalise and James Comer, are asking the Food and Drug Administration for documents that might relate to GOP suspicions that President Joe Biden has politicized the process of administering vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a letter to FDA Acting Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock, Scalise and Comer point to Biden’s Aug. 18 announcement that vaccine booster shots would be available nationwide the week of Sept. 20. “This shot will boost your immune response,” Biden said, as anxiety mounted over the Delta variant. “It will increase your protection from COVID-19. And it’s the best way to protect ourselves from new variants that could arise.”

Within moments, a number of experts began to wonder whether Biden had jumped the gun. Indeed he had; in fact, the president made the announcement before the vaccine makers had even submitted the needed data to the FDA. That led to turmoil inside the agency, where, according to an Aug. 31 report in Politico, officials “scrambled to collect and analyze data that clearly demonstrate the boosters’ benefits before the administration’s Sept. 20 deadline for rolling them out to most adults.” In other words, the FDA raced to find something to support

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