Is Montana OK With The IRS Looking Over Our Bank Transactions?

Sometimes I come across something and I just think “there is no way that can be true”, so I do a little research and I find out that, well, maybe there is some truth to this, and then I pass it along to you.

So I heard a rumor that the current Administration would like to give access to our Bank Transactions to the IRS.  More specifically, any transaction over 600 dollars.

First things first, why does anyone in the Government need access to our Banking records?  Second, what are they hoping to accomplish with this, other than the obvious?  The obvious being more and more people not trusting the Government. Third, is it even true?  Or is this another fast-spreading rumor that has taken off on Social Media?

A quick Google search will show you that there are a number of media outlets reporting that it is, indeed true.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, “who are these media sources??”  Listen, I get it.  That’s where we are as a country, we only believe the “media” if it represents “our team”. Those on one side will only except blah, blah, and blah and those on the other side

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