Is Biden’s Incompetence Sowing the Seeds of Military Unrest in America?

In the attempt to read the tea leaves of what our future may hold (a murky exercise at best), it seems the dishonor President Biden just heaped upon the U.S. military will have serious consequences for America going forward. Remember that Rome was also a great republic…until it wasn’t.

Let me preface by saying that the author here (along with most Americans) believe America should have exited Afghanistan long ago. That being said, few Americans support the reckless and incompetent exit President Biden (and his generals and cabinet) just executed. Any way you measure it, this is likely the worst self-inflicted foreign policy disaster in America’s history. 

The following four facts (measured as a group) may shed light on where we are headed:

1.  Ancient Rome was a republic for nearly 500 hundred years (509 BC to 27 BC) before it descended into a military dictatorship…a la the Caesars.

2.  Military led coups / juntas are a global norm, not an exception. Those who seek absolute power (by force) have been a constant throughout human history.

3.  In order to blunt this threat of absolute power, America’s Founding Fathers established civilian command over the military in the U.S. Constitution. Thus, we elect a

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