Iowa’s Grassley lines up with Trump as Senate’s most senior Republican runs for reelection

DES MOINES, IOWA – Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley cut straight to the chase when asked if he’d gladly accept the support of former President Trump as the longtime lawmaker from Iowa runs next year for an eighth six-year term in the Senate.

“Anybody who’s got the approval rating of 91% of the Republicans in Iowa, you surely wouldn’t be stupid enough to turn down that help,” Grassley told Fox News on Saturday at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, minutes before Trump’s first rally in the Hawkeye State since last November’s election got underway.


Grassley was pointing to a Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll released last week that indicated the former president enjoyed a record 53% favorable rating among Iowans. And among Iowa Republicans, Trump was at a sky high 91% favorability.

The senator repeated the line a couple of hours later, as Trump brought Grassley to the podium to endorse his 2022 reelection bid.

“I was born at night, but not last night. So if I didn’t accept the endorsement of a person who’s got 91% of the Republican voters in Iowa, I wouldn’t be too smart. I’m smart enough to accept that endorsement,” Grassley said as

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