Internet-famous grizzly returns to old Teton National Park stomping grounds

Nicole Pollack, Casper Star Tribune

The internet-famous mother grizzly whose affinity for the highway compelled wildlife managers to step in last summer, giving rise to calls on social media to #SaveFelicia, has returned to her old stomping ground.

Accompanied by her two cubs, which both survived to become yearlings, the bear — known as Felicia to her fans and grizzly 863 to officials — frequents Togwotee Pass, a winding stretch of 55-mile-per-hour highway east of Grand Teton National Park. And where the trio goes, traffic jams follow.

Too-big-to-miss electronic signs posted along the pass warn drivers not to stop on the side of the road to look at bears. A lot of people do it anyway. Some, against officials’ guidance (and often in violation of federal law), leave their cars to get a closer look.

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Felicia and her cubs grazed so close to the highway and could be seen so frequently last June that wildlife managers, worried the bears’ popularity would cause a car accident or a mauling, began using loud noises and projectiles to “haze” them away from the public.

“It’s not that we don’t want people to

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