Intermountain staff seeks community support with state Capitol event

Intermountain staff invites the Helena community to join them in a showing of solidarity 5 p.m. Monday at the state Capitol as a sign of support for the longtime institution.

Intermountain officials said recently they plan to temporarily close its residential program, displacing 16 children and impacting 55 staff.

Event organizers said the move will force many employees to lose their jobs, effectively removing all knowledge of the current model “and leaving behind nothing more than an empty shell. The future of our model and the services it provides are facing demise.”

The demonstration is to raise awareness for Intermountain’s current situation and to provide our “honest perspective on the dire realities we are facing for the incredible community that has always stood by us.”

The public is invited to attend at 1301 E. 6th Ave.

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Intermountain’s residential facility in Helena’s South Hills.

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