Intermountain parents, staff want care for children to be extended; threaten to sue

Attorneys representing a group of families and employees impacted by Intermountain’s decision to close its residential care program said they emailed a letter to board members Sunday, threatening to sue unless the nonprofit commits to reasonably extend care for these children with behavioral health issues.

They said the group wants a response to its email by noon Tuesday, after which time it will seek “judicial intervention to protect these children.”

“Intermountain’s plan to suddenly remove these children from its Helena facility would virtually guarantee that they will suffer irreversible setbacks in their recovery and face immediate harm,” the attorneys wrote.

Intermountain recently announced it was closing its residential program beginning Sept. 22, impacting 16 children ranging from ages 4-14 who live in two cottages and 55 staff members. Intermountain officials said the closure, which they said would be temporary, was due to staffing shortages, and they would help with the children’s relocation.

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THOM BRIDGE, Independent Record

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