Intermountain employees submit letter of ‘no confidence’ in leadership

Phil Drake

Fifty-five Intermountain employees have submitted a letter to their board of directors expressing a vote of no confidence in the board and its interim chief executive officer, saying that recent incidents at the facility have created a toxic atmosphere.

The letter, submitted Monday, asked for a response within 48 hours. That response was not provided as of Wednesday, an Intermountain employee said.

Intermountain, founded in 1909, provides outpatient services to children, adults and families with mental health needs in Billings, Bozeman and Helena. Its residential program serves as a national referral base for children with behavioral and mental health needs. Intermountain’s website states it is a “nationally recognized nonprofit provided Hope & Healing to children, youth and families in need of improved mental and behavioral health.”

“We write to you to express concerns that impact our ability to serve our mission and take care of the children, families, and adults we serve,” a copy of the letter provided to the Helena Independent Record states.

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“But today, our teams are gravely concerned and disheartened, despite our loyalty to Intermountain,” the letter states.

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