Inflation will pick midterm election winner in November

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Fox News poll released last week shows inflation remains the top motivating issue for voters, with 89 percent of respondents “extremely” or “very” worried about rising prices. Only 29 percent of registered voters approve of President Biden’s handling of inflation compared to 65 percent who disapprove.

Voters know where the buck stops.

President Joe Biden speaks during an Inflation Reduction Act event on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., US, on Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022.  (Samuel Corum/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Inflation was 1.4% annually when Biden became president. Then in early 2021, Democrats voted along party lines to pass a $2 trillion spending blowout. All paid for by more debt. Inflation is now running at 8.3 percent over the last year. The Federal Reserve attributes 2.5 percent inflation to the “fiscal stimulus” alone.


Over the past year, consumers are now paying 25.6% more for gasoline, 17% more for milk, and 40% more for eggs. Even if prices stopped increasing altogether, the average American household will spend over $8,600 more this year due to inflation.  

A staggering 78% of registered voters report inflation has caused financial hardship in their own

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