In Ukraine I witnessed unity, sacrificial love and a people's unbroken spirit

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As a Ukrainian-born American pastor, I could not fully anticipate what I would find when I entered my war-wrecked homeland to offer support a few weeks ago. The battle is brutal, costly and painful, but ordinary citizens, soldiers and ministers are united with a gritty resolve to hold fast through this unjust and unprovoked assault. 

The fight is far from over. It may even be just the beginning, but my time in Ukraine has confirmed one thing I already knew—the spirit of Ukraine and her people will never be broken. 

I entered Ukraine through Poland and spent the night near the border of Belarus. This was my first experience with military checkpoints and, for me, the first sign that Ukraine is at war. 


In northwestern Ukraine, local villagers opened their home to me without reservation, and I was given a safe place to sleep and three meals. This is the Ukraine I know and love—Ukrainian hospitality on display. Donations and supplies filled my van, ready to be distributed throughout the country for those traumatized by the violence.

Andrew Moroz is a Ukrainian-born pastor in Lynchburg, Virginia. In April 2022

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