In Reversing Trump’s TikTok Ban, Biden Is Putting Americans at Risk


Posted: Jun 10, 2021 7:37 AM

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It was January 20, 2017, and President Trump had just been sworn in after a grueling campaign—one I had proudly been a part of. Throughout the campaign, Trump had rightly criticized how Hillary Clinton jeopardized our national security by refusing to use official government email at the State Department. Now, I was at Foggy Bottom as a Senior White House Advisor at the State Department, leading our new appointees and preparing to implement our new America First agenda. We took our oaths of office, met with counterparts from the foreign service, and then quickly got to work. Among the first briefings we received in the wake of the Clinton email scandal was how to protect ourselves from cyber spying from America’s competitors and adversaries – identifying threats and preventing new ones. We were particularly warned about using applications and software from foreign countries, and, to this day, they are not permitted on government devices. As we have seen with the devastating

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