In just 3 days your life can change for the better. Easter shows how

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A little over two years ago on Sunday, Jan. 2, we had a new record high temperature of 72 degrees in Richmond, Virginia. It was still in the 60s that evening when suddenly things changed.

Cold air had been locked to the north for weeks but that all ended as dawn broke on Monday morning. A new storm came from North Carolina and started to bring rain to Virginia. Then the cold air advanced on a biting northeast wind. The result was a freak snowstorm.

Usually when the ground is wet and not particularly cold, snow has a hard time accumulating. But high rates of snowfall can overcome those conditions. And that is exactly what happened. We went from super warm temperatures to a surprising amount of snow.

Easter means there is nothing in our lives that can’t be changed for the better. (Kevin Ferris/Fox News Digital)

At my house there was about six inches of snow, but in other places not far away almost a foot of snow fell. In fact, the fast-moving storm closed Interstate 95 for 50 miles between Richmond and Washington, D.C. I had a friend who was stranded for

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