Important Hunting Season Tips from Bitterroot National Forest

With archery season winding down and the general rifle season on the way, Bitterroot National Forest Public Information Officer Tod McKay offers some important common sense safety tips for those visiting the forest.

“The first thing we want to remind people about is that requirement that during general rifle season you must wear hunter orange,” said McKay. “That includes a hat, a cap, a vest or jacket, anything above the waist. This is not only a good idea for hunters but also non hunters that are visiting the forest this time of year. And you might also want to consider putting an orange vest or bright bandana, on your pets, dogs, horses, or anything else that will be out in the woods with you this time of year.”

Many will want to establish a hunting camp in the Bitterroot National Forest, and McKay offers these guidelines.

“Campers and hunters can only camp for 16 days in one location,” he said. “In addition that your new camps must be located five air miles from previous camp, and also that shooting and hunting is prohibited in all developed recreation sites on the forest and trail heads and that includes Lake Como and the Bass Creek

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