Impeachment inquiry: Can Democrats clear Joe Biden’s name?

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If Democrats truly believe in Joe Biden’s innocence, they should welcome a formal impeachment inquiry. But they don’t believe it.  So, they’ve embraced a phalanx strategy to oppose the investigation with the ardor of a guilty man who’s been caught with his hand in the till. Soon they’ll claim, “Don’t believe your lying eyes.”  

In announcing the inquiry, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said there are credible allegations of “abuse of power, obstruction, and corruption.” Within minutes, the Biden White House flatly claimed there is “no evidence of wrongdoing.”  If so, why not prove it? Remove all doubt by presenting evidence of innocence. And there’s the rub.  

For several months, House committees have accumulated incriminating facts implicating Joe Biden as complicit in his son’s influence-peddling schemes with foreign adversaries. 


The elder Biden met personally with Hunter’s overseas clients, had dinner with them, spoke by telephone with them on roughly 20 occasions, and coordinated with his son’s partners in covering it up. All the while, the president lied by insisting that he knew nothing about all the nefarious deals and never played a role. That farce was destroyed by Hunter’s partner, Devon Archer.    

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